News from The Beat Gallery


"A mysterious schematic for an extraterrestrial widget."-Colin Berry, Artweek

  ScarboroughFair,  Ken Berman,  56 X 76,  $2400.
This week “The Beat Gallery” was pleased to welcome Ken Berman as one of two featured artists for spring of 2011. Ken’s unique and mysterious mechanical images range in size from 4 inches to over 6 feet. We are featuring a wide variety of sizes of Ken’s works in both oil and acrylic mediums. Upon reflection,these  architectural abstractions speak to the human spirit. And spending time in Ken’s world of the fantastic is definitely worth a stop in your day.
See us at The Beat Gallery, 109 West Perkins, Ukiah, CA. 
Consignment art:  Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer, owners.

3 Responses to “News from The Beat Gallery”

  1. 1 Melvin Pierre

    It is good to see art that is diverse with respect to its inception origin as evidence of the type of variance that is foundational artistic vigor. This work is differing to the extent that it does not appear to be mannerist. I regard this artist as a bolder version of what artist should be, independently directed from an inner calling rather than as malleable to prevalent trends.
    Melvin Pierre,

    • I get your drift, Melvin, and I think you are on to something here. In viewing other examples of this artist’s work on the web, I find myself slightly perplexed by his work. Albeit, some of the subject matter seems dated, there seems to be something different about his interpretation of the view. Good to here from you!

    • Hey Mevin,
      What is involved here is an approach to the basis which is matter in motion, i.e. dialectics of nature, superimposed manifiestation of assemblage of matter continious flow, Roots are: Met Robert Raushenberg at the same time during a book signing 1992 where Claus was present, Berman from that point was sent on a path.

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