News from the Beat

A Nice Piece for a Nice Price (unsure of signature)

Looks like we need to get ready for some new works coming in to the gallery this week. Some pretty exciting stuff is on its way and we have decided to put some pieces on sale to make room.

The painting at the left is a favorite of mine. If I had the fireplace and mantel, I’d bring it home. It’s an original oil about 32 X 27 and framed.  We can’t figure out the signature…Wilson? (Not Michael Wilson) We got it at auction with a very small tear in the trees at the right. It could not have torn in a better spot, and we had it patched. The tear was about 3/4 inch long and I would have to point it out for the viewer to see. It came together well.
One of the things I like about this painting is that the artist was pretty bold in his depiction of the people, almost like a watercolorist, and the wet pavement is laid in thick and scratched through to give that “just rained,misty,dreamy” feeling.I can practically hear the horses hooves on the pavement.
 Our original asking price was $325. We have dropped the price for the next couple of days 15% to $276. Or I may bring it home for awhile and enjoy it myself!  Several other pieces are being offered from 10-15% off, so pop by and take advantage of our overstocks.
The Beat Gallery is  at 109 Perkins Street in Ukiah. We are open Tues-Sat, 11-5, Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer, owners. 707 895 2235.

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