What’s New at The Beat


"Runner" Tje Koski

Every week at The Beat we get the opportunity to make new friends, see new work, and get together with our ever-growing community here at the “city centre” of Ukiah. It continues to delight us. We are loving it!

So now this fun new artist from Lake County has joined the gallery. Tje Koski (pronounced, “Tee Gee”) has brought in some very fun and affordable works. Tje is even working on horses for us! Equines are usually a big hit in this farming community, and Tje’s glimpses of the world she experiences are a welcome addition.

Ken Berman has brought in new work, Spencer Brewer, and Victoria Rafael, as well. And just today, Jendi Coursey from upstairs brought in one of her photo prints. Come in and browse, and get out of the heat. The table of smaller works is growing, making gift shopping unique and affordable.

The Beat offers both fine art from current artists and art for resale.

The Beat is open Tues-Sat. 11:00-5:00.  109W Perkins, Ukiah Calif. 707 462-4180      Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer owners.

and for our vintage art on Etsy:  www.etsy.com/shop/ArtAvenue   website at: www.artavenuegardenstudios.com



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