What’s New at The Beat


Nancy MacLeod "Teapot With Chinese Clouds" $152.

I love it when people get innovative with their framing. Sometimes it works, and sadly at times it flops. But just this month, two of our artists here at The Beat have hit it square on the mark. The painting by Nancy on the left is smallish, (11″x 14″), but with the hand-made backing measures 18″ x 21″. It makes a very nice presentation, and the backing fits the piece perfectly. It helps that Nancy and her husband, Bill, make furniture, as well.  So, for a reasonably priced smaller piece Nancy has given the customer a more substantial work.

Ken Berman   magnet with metal backing    $125.

Ken Berman magnet with metal backing $125.

Now, please excuse the quick photo here, but Ken Berman has brought in his gorgeous magnets (all original artworks, signed) and provided a metal box backing to display them on. So now you can, again, get more bang-for-your-buck with a larger piece of art. And they look great as a triptych.

I guess artists are becoming creative with getting their work out there at prices more customers can afford. And a gallerist, we can offer a wider range of original works to our clientel.

Come see us at The Beat Gallery, 109 W Prekins, Ukiah CA , Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer owners. 707 462 4180.  Resale art and art from local artists. Open Tues-Sat. 11-5


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