The Steal of the Week at The Beat


Maher Morcos "El Capitan Reflected"

“Born in Egypt,and studying fine art and architecture in Cairo, Maher Morcos now lives in La Jolla, California, where he enjoys the noteriety of having works in major collections held by The White House, Burt Reynolds, Anwar Sadat, the late Ronald Reagans, Anthony Quinn, and King Khalid of Saudi Arabia.”
Interesting what art works come through our little gallery in this farming town. Anyway, this piece is being commissioned by a group called MCAVN, a Mendocino County AIDS volunteer network. Point person, Janet, was in today and we are dropping the price on the piece to $1500. At this price, I would expect the piece won’t hang around much longer. I mention it, because I really think it is a steal. Any serious collectors should give us a call at the gallery….707 462 4180
It is a good sized piece measuring 33″ X 27″ in frame. The frame is high quality. And the original painting is in excellent condition, signed by the artist, and ready to hang.
I don’t often so blatantly try pushing an artwork, but like I said this is an outrageous chance to own a high quality artwork for very reasonable investment, and I want to get word out on it!
You can find the Beat Gallery at 109 West Perkins, Ukiah CA. Susan Spencer and Michael Wilson owners. We specialize in resale of original fine art. 707 462 4180.

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