What’s Really New at The Beat


A new look for us!

Well, it wasn’t that we fell asleep last month and didn’t blog, it’s that we were reinventing our gallery, and didn’t blog. But, here are the results of our work. We felt that we needed to add a new dimension of gifts and decor for our neighborhood gallery, and we are having a lot of fun. We have tried to incorporate what I refer to as “the artful home,” and Michael has outdone himself finding treasures. I give up, Michael is truly the better shopper of the two of us.

Art and terrariums, along with our eclectic assemblages.

Michael has started putting together a whole new wonderful array of natural objects, forming sculptures and terraiums that bring our love of earth and nature  into the shop.

Living artfully in Mendocino County in spite of the hard work...

Important that we stay true to our original intent of the fine resale art idea, but being able to use the wall art more in an everyday setting I think, furthers our mission of bringing art to “regular folks.”  Personally, it has given me a renewed gratitude for the beauty of good design and the relaxed attitudes toward daily living we Californians are surrounded by throughout the year. I’ve even “dethugged” rooms of our house that we had neglected over the past few months.

And for fun Chez BeBe...

And we have even brought our online company, “Chez BeBe Dog Products” into a corner of the gallery. Chez BeBe features dog coats, dog mannequins, dog art, and handmade toys. Our pets are all part of our “artful” lifesyle. Even Uno, the goldfish who lives by the jewelry case has a cool glass vase to swim in. (I promise to go get him a new pal next week, don’t ask…)
So if you are in town, stop by and give us a visit, we are excited to show off our new facelift!
The Beat Gallery, 109 W Perkins, Ukiah, CA, 95482.
Open Tues-Sat. 11-5,   Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer, owners.
707 462 4180   Fine original art, fine art for resale, and now artful living gifts and accessories.

4 Responses to “What’s Really New at The Beat”

  1. so interesting! wish i could stop in… maybe if i’m ever in the area (-:

  2. Thanks for yourInteresting advice
    It\’s pleasant to find individuals that talk about my passion

  3. The integration of various found, recycled artistic objects waiting to be reclaimed and re-inter-grated into other natural spaces displays fabulously in this photo bog. The resale gallery visit is “on my must see list” when out that way. Thanks for the share.

  4. so much variety and creativity in one small space.

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