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Large Carved Wooden Bust $110.      Sliding into home plate….At the end of the year, we now have a new website to go with our gallery. I thought it would take longer, and like most artists I know, didn’t want to work on it. But, it surely came together easily. It’s under our old site’s […]

Victoria Roberts “In Memory: A Tribute to the Handwritten Letter”         Wrapping up the year, I see Jamie Ridler Studios has a Hands-Up How -To project giving us the chance to reflect and share helpful hints for her readers. I love that Jamie is such an advocate for all creatives, and that’s all of us! […]

“Forgotten” Susan Spencer      Well, finally! Last Saturday we put together the studio for working in while here at the gallery. Yipee! All it really took was a pair of used shelving units (25% off even) and 2 days of cleaning and sorting, putting stuff away, and turning on the lights. Now we can work in […]

What a charming work came into the gallery last week! I was drawn to the brush strokes, the rich colors, and the warm, golden light hitting the table on the left. But this painting is unsigned. I’m nosey. I wonder who did this painting? Was this a study done at the artist’s window? I imagine […]