What’s New at The Beat


Unsigned Floral

What a charming work came into the gallery last week! I was drawn to the brush strokes, the rich colors, and the warm, golden light hitting the table on the left. But this painting is unsigned. I’m nosey. I wonder who did this painting? Was this a study done at the artist’s window? I imagine a quiet moment to start the painting. Then coming back to paint and paint quietly. Then softly calling it complete. But, I’m probably wrong, (this happens to me more often than I care to disclose.)
Here’s a thought by the artist Georges Rouault that may apply to this unsigned painting:
“Of all criticisms, of judgements more or less enlightened, biased or rash, of all miseries and vanities of the moment, there remains a mute, though sometimes eloquent witness. I mean the poor fragment of canvas or paper before which our contemporaries and those to follow will sing “Halleleuiah” or “Miserere,”sometimes without having any idea of the conditions under which the creator may have been constrained to work.”
Who knows from where this little painting comes? And I suppose that is just okay. The canvas bore witness. And we are graced.
You can purchase this little mystery on our new Etsy store! 16″ by 16″, it’s modestly priced at $90. just that sweet.
The Beat Gallery is located at 109 West Perkins, Ukiah, CA
707 462 4180
Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer, owners.
Happy Holidays to All!!!!

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