What’s New at the Beat

“Forgotten” Susan Spencer

     Well, finally! Last Saturday we put together the studio for working in while here at the gallery. Yipee! All it really took was a pair of used shelving units (25% off even) and 2 days of cleaning and sorting, putting stuff away, and turning on the lights. Now we can work in the back room when nobody’s in the gallery. We could do that before, but not comfortably. And we can invite the public into the back occasionally for studio demos. I’m already back there working today….

     And, we are gearing up for a Sunday afternoon “Dreamboard” session coming up in January. What a great way to kick off the new year! Come by and sign up for an information email on that.
      Our new and improved Etsy store is open, and we are adding to the store daily. So check it out for some fun and funky deals on vintage finds, and art by Michael and I. “Forgotten” on the left can be purchased through the Etsy store and we will be adding some great art books we found at our friend and fellow artist here at the gallery, Malcolm West. Malcolm is letting go of a very extensive library of art books collected throughout his life. Guess I better get on that…
Find us in Ukiah:  The Beat Gallery, 109 West Perkins, Ukiah,CA   707 462 4180
Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer, artists, owners.

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