What’s New at the Beat

Large Carved Wooden Bust $110.

     Sliding into home plate….At the end of the year, we now have a new website to go with our gallery. I thought it would take longer, and like most artists I know, didn’t want to work on it. But, it surely came together easily. It’s under our old site’s name, but we can send folks there to find out about us, and even shop some of the items at the gallery. (thanks to paypal)

     It’s amazing how far web design for the lay-person has come in the past 8 years. When we opened our first website for our other business, we spent countless late nights up at all hours trying to figure things out. Tech support probably had a red check mark next to our passwords. Now days things are so integrated, it’s really a breeze. And I’m glad to see mom and pop sites have gone back to clean and basic. That’s what I have tried to do, anyway.
     So now I can check one last thing off the 2011 to-do list. It can be tweaked a little, and will, but for now check it out!  www.artavenuegardenstudios.com (/the beat art gallery)  and as always, our Etsy store: www.etsy.com/shop/TheBeatGallery
Here’s to hoping you all start your new year off with enthusiasm and hope. Keep shining,
Susan Spencer and Michael Wilson owners/artists at The Beat Gallery, 109 West Perkins, Ukiah, CA  95482    707 462 4180

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