What’s New at The Beat Gallery


      Has anyone else noticed this, or am I just subscribing to the wrong magazines? Over the weekend I was having fun on a little project (check out our personal blog http://artassemblage.wordpress.com ) and I needed some magazine images for collaging. I was searching for images I thought would have meaning of “joy” and “happiness.” In 9 months of issues of the one major art magazine at our house, I really could not find anything “joyful.” All of the major works shown were very somber. Very serious. Very not joyful. Now, this is quite the comment coming from an artist who revels in the clanking of chains and squeaking of doors and the dimly lit spaces of assemblage. But, my goodness, even the photos of the artists themselves and the show-goers… all sooooo serious.

Enter, Tonya Engel. We do not even represent Tonya at our gallery, but we love her work. It is happy. It is joyful. And sometimes it is introspective. We have a couple of her prints, and one is in our window display of assembled birds. It is a portrait of a woman wearing a bird’s nest on her head, and it is charming. Her paintings of children playing are a good remedy for a serious day of grown-up work. The little print above is called, “Tora! Tora!” and it always makes me smile. Thank you Tonya, for a breath of fresh air, and bringing a little lightness to my day. You can find her work online at http://tonyaengel.com

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