What’s New at The Beat


     I enjoy showing off the interesting artworks that come into The Beat. I also enjoy trying to hunt down information on lesser-known artists. This piece gives me the chance to do both. It really fits the feel of our gallery, seeming rather retro-but actually was painted in 2009. The current owner is downsizing his collection and brought it by. It is very bold, with super-saturated colors. It reminds me of the circles of Sonia DeLaunay from the early part of last century. Maybe a little more free-form than hers….

Here’s the mystery, and anyone who can help, please feel free. The artwork is signed by a G. Hamamjian. It measures 20″ x 20″. It is unframed, and the stretchers are thick. (about 1.5″) The painting extends over the framework. Now the only Hamajian I can think of around here in California would be the Hamamjian Modern, heavily associated with SFMOMA. I wonder if there is any relationship? I’ve just started the hunt….Anyway it is being offered at The Beat for $400.  And on our “art avenue” website below.

So winter finally came to our area this week. (Thank Goodness) Our little gallery is quiet, and cozy and warm. The backroom studio is gaining personality with the usual array of artist ephemera that boils along in our wake. Tomorrow we’ll open the studio for anyone who hap’s by and is interested-Susan will be demonstrating a bit of the tile technique that Laurie Mika has written on. (Sorry, Laurie, I can’t remember the name of the book right now! But will surely show it to those interested.) Do stop by if you are in the neighborhood-we love meeting new pals!

Find us at: The Beat Art Gallery, 109 W Perkins, Ukiah, CA 95482  707 462 4180 Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer, owners

our website:   www.artavenuegardenstudios.com  and Etsy:    www.etsy.com/shop/TheBeatGallery


One Response to “What’s New at The Beat”

  1. I love the idea of a cozy little studio in the midst of winter. I’m sure it’s a wonderful and creative refuge .

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