What’s New at The Beat Gallery


      The most fun thing to come in to the gallery in weeks got here yesterday. Michelle’s Attic Journals. Michelle tells a great story worthy of life out here on the West Coast edge:

“Attic Journals began on a sleepy Saturday morning in 2004 when we happened upon a beautiful tattered book at a San Luis Obispo garage sale. With an immediate need of having an original gift for a friend’s birthday celebration that evening, she headed home to re-purpose the book and Attic Journals were born.

Attic Journals are made by hand thru the skills of a basher, a binder, and a book burglar deterrent (aka Chicken the Dog) using hard-bound vintage school books and library books that were destined for dumpsters, but given new life in our production studio. Each journal is made to last with approximately 75 pages of 24# paper and a sturdy wire binding.”

By the end of the day yesterday, 4 had sold. Like Michelle says, great gifts. I’ll put a couple on our website: www.artavenuegardenstudios.com

You can find us at The Beat Art Gallery, 109 W. Perkins, Ukiah, CA  95482

(707) 462-4180  and Etsy www.etsy,com/shop/TheBeatGalley (sorry, no journals on that site.)  And on the website above.


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