What’s New at The Beat Gallery


     So, all things assemblage at The Beat these days. We are trucking on down the path for the show in May. This should be really fun and inspiring. At the left is a piece from one of the participating artists, Chris Bales, titled: ‘Edifice.’ Chris has a great website of his works, www.christopherbales.com If anyone every wanted a good tour of assemblage art, here’s a good place to go.

Our house and the back of the gallery is chock full of ‘works in  progress.’ I’m hauling stuff back and forth from the gallery, hoping to have time to work in both places, and the hour drive over the hill each way is spent working out the logistics of piecing things together. Last night I pulled a good one off. Had to use a square patch of “Sculpy” to place on a ceramic object that was not exactly flush. Managed it hot from the oven with the fan blade attached with self-hardening clay and my favorite hard glue. Love it when it works. In assemblage, I think we all are as proud of our problem-solving as we are their finished piece.

We hope this show presents assemblage in an intellectually stimulating way. Misconceptions about the process abound, as with many other forms of art, and it is our goal to show the truly provoking aspects of this art form.

You can find us at: The Beat Art Gallery,109 W Perkins, Ukiah,CA

Michael and Susan owners    707 462 4180



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