What’s New at The Beat Gallery


     What a month!  Just when you think you are in “greased grooves”…oh well, onward.

The West Coast Assemblage Show is winding down. We want to thank all the pals and friends who came by, the show has been a great success. Had we have known what a splash this show would be for our community, we would have run a week or two longer. Ukiah has opened big arms to an art form out of the ordinary, and The Beat is now on the map.

Another artist in the show is Spencer Brewer, who actually lives in the Ukiah area with his collaborating wife Esther Siegel. Esther and Spencer are local favorites, and we get regular visits in the gallery from people wanting to see what these two are up to.

Above, is a favorite of mine, “Cutting Edge of Time” where Spencer has ventured out in his crazy, delightful way to construct a sculpture reminiscent of the strong visage works of John Borero, with a perhaps a more playful twist. And yes, the arms do move!

This show has been a joy to sit, and the conversations surrounding the artists, and the medium have been thought-provoking. The roots of assemblage? Last century? Centuries ago? In the Catholic Church? In contemporary art? The images: are we drawn to them as they spark memories? Or are we drawn to voyeur in, not realizing why, constructing our own stories to validate our interest? Word is on our tiny-town street, that The Beat is housing a phenomenon of new art in the making. And we are excited to be involved.

You can find us at: The Beat Gallery, 109 W Perkins, Ukiah, CA. 95482      open Tue-Sat 11-5.  707 4624180

Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer, owners/artists     www.artavenuegardenstudios.com  and Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/TheBeatGallery


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