What’s New at The Beat Gallery


     Pamela Holmes    ‘ Leibniz’s Seeing Double’        mixed media on metal




‘Courage to Imagine,’ the current show at The Beat, has proved to be another winner. And, as diverse as all the artists are, the presentation is surprisingly peaceful. This is a testament to good placement and design by not only the artists, but by the gallery, and if anyone was ever wondering how to fit fine mixed media art into decor, this would be a good time to drop by.

Pamela Holmes lives and works in Sonoma County. Her works show maturity of understanding what her media can accomplish, and her pallet is subdued and rich. At the moment Pamela is putting energy into a thriving business of cement table works. I certainly hope she continues with wall work when she gets “caught up” with the tables. She is gaining a solid reputation  for innovation and talent in her art, and I’m glad we’ve crossed paths to become friends and allies.

‘Courage to Imagine’ continues to run through the month of July, so pop by if you are in the area to get inspiration for projects and decor for home or business.

Oh, and we have a new website: http://beatgallery.weebly.com  for a quick visit and comments and inquiries for art works, we are happy to send out information on current art at the gallery.

The Beat Gallery, 109 W Perkins, Ukiah, CA,    Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer owners,    (707) 462 4180   open Tue-Sat 11-5



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