What’s New at The Beat Gallery


     This week The Beat is getting ready for American Craft Week. We are joining in with over 25 other venues in our county and hundreds of others across the nation featuring crafters and their crafts that enrich our lives.

Our feature artist/crafter will be Jackie Gardener, from the South Coast of Mendocino County. Jackie has presented her popular paper works along the coast, and we are pleased to bring her works inland to The Beat. Showing a keen appreciation for words and text, as well as texture and color, I think Jackie will be a great inspiration for our community. Luckily, she gives classes, as well, and I encourage those interested, to visit her website at www.jackiegardener.com to see what she is up to and contact her about upcoming classes.

Opening reception for Jackie will take place on our First Friday Art Walk, here in Ukiah, from 5-8pm at The Beat Gallery, 109 West Perkins.

And we encourage everyone to show support the week of October 5-14 for their local crafters, who bring joy and richness to our lives through their hands, reminding us that hand-made is special and worthwhile, especially in this fast-paced world of ours.

     As always, we are The Beat Art Gallery, 109 West Perkins, Ukiah, CA, Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer, owners.  Specializing in fine resale art and assemblage.  707 462-4182. You can visit us on the web at:

www.beatgallery.weebly.com  and   www.wilsonspencerart.weebly.com and at the Etsy Store:



One Response to “What’s New at The Beat Gallery”

  1. 1 mhwilson1@hotmail.com

    Great stuff. love the resale second market oil painting there.

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