The opening night for our West Coast Art Assemblage Show was a smashing success. The little gallery was packed, with overflow out the door and on to the sidewalk. Once the show was hung, we had a day to quietly admire the incredible array of talent from up and down the coast of California. Each artist brought a depth of insight to this amazing new artistic process currently overwhelming the American art scene.

From Chris Bales ornate, baroque style, to Leslie Caldera’s mid-century modern abstract compositions, The Beat made the town proud to be on the cutting edge. One comment from one of the visitors was that he had never considered assemblage a solid art form worthy of much attention. But after viewing the pieces in the gallery he was excited to have a change of mind!

The Beat thanks all who attended the opening, and encourages viewers and collectors to drop by and see these seven influential artists’ works.

We are open Tue-Sat 11-5, and the show will run through the month of May.

The Beat Gallery is located at 109 W. Perkins in Ukiah, CA.  (707) 462-4180    Susan Spencer and Michael Wilson owners


      Still getting ready for this show….West Coast Art Assemblage Show here at The Beat Gallery.

At the left, is ‘Trustee From The Toolroom,’ from another of our artists, Victoria Roberts, from Sierra Madre.

Victoria is highly influenced by the works of Joseph Cornell, and her works show it. The balance and thought put into her art brings maturity of  composition and theme that pleases the viewer. Not overlyfussy, Victoria leaves room for interpretation, certainly refreshing in this world of immediate information. You can find Victoria at

With that thought, I’d like to insert a question. Since assemblage is a relatively new form of art, when will the standard parameters of definition occur, and what will they include? We can agree upon what assemblage involves physically, yet I’m interested (and probably won’t see the answer in my lifetime) in what history will address as far as driving themes or cultural topics represented in assemblage. I realized that Michael and I are fortunate to be involved in such a new art form! A discussion I hope to hear more on around the old  “salon.”

The West Coast Art Assemblage Show will run the month of May, with opening May 4th, 5-9pm.  Represented artists include Chris Bales, Spencer Brewer, Hans Bruhner, Leslie Caldera, Victoria Roberts, Susan Spencer, and Michael Wilson.

The Beat Gallery is located at 109 W Perkins, Ukiah CA,  (707) 462-4180.  Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer, owners.   and

    In continuing a look at the artists represented at the West Coast Art Assemblage Show, here’s Hans Bruhner. We met Hans several years ago and have enjoyed his captivating personality and imaginative works ever since.

Hans was born in Stockholm, Sweden. A self-taught photographer, he has remained on the art scene since the sixties, enjoying a “beat” aesthetic  that he brings to his works.

Besides conventionally framed images, Hans creates photo-assemblages where the frames, often made from found objects and discards, become part of the image.

Hans looks for simple lines, few colors, and a certain rhythm, character and content. His mysterious areas of dark in the pictures, “remind us that photos are memories preserved.” An outlook holding nostalgic meaning these days of the instant digital wonder.

The West Coast Art Assemblage Show will be held at The Beat Art Gallery, 109 W Perkins, Ukiah, CA, during the month of May. The Beat Gallery is owned and operated by Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer. We specialize in fine resale art, and feature our own works in painting and assemblage. You can find us on the web at and Our Etsy store is


     So, all things assemblage at The Beat these days. We are trucking on down the path for the show in May. This should be really fun and inspiring. At the left is a piece from one of the participating artists, Chris Bales, titled: ‘Edifice.’ Chris has a great website of his works, If anyone every wanted a good tour of assemblage art, here’s a good place to go.

Our house and the back of the gallery is chock full of ‘works in  progress.’ I’m hauling stuff back and forth from the gallery, hoping to have time to work in both places, and the hour drive over the hill each way is spent working out the logistics of piecing things together. Last night I pulled a good one off. Had to use a square patch of “Sculpy” to place on a ceramic object that was not exactly flush. Managed it hot from the oven with the fan blade attached with self-hardening clay and my favorite hard glue. Love it when it works. In assemblage, I think we all are as proud of our problem-solving as we are their finished piece.

We hope this show presents assemblage in an intellectually stimulating way. Misconceptions about the process abound, as with many other forms of art, and it is our goal to show the truly provoking aspects of this art form.

You can find us at: The Beat Art Gallery,109 W Perkins, Ukiah,CA

Michael and Susan owners    707 462 4180

      The most fun thing to come in to the gallery in weeks got here yesterday. Michelle’s Attic Journals. Michelle tells a great story worthy of life out here on the West Coast edge:

“Attic Journals began on a sleepy Saturday morning in 2004 when we happened upon a beautiful tattered book at a San Luis Obispo garage sale. With an immediate need of having an original gift for a friend’s birthday celebration that evening, she headed home to re-purpose the book and Attic Journals were born.

Attic Journals are made by hand thru the skills of a basher, a binder, and a book burglar deterrent (aka Chicken the Dog) using hard-bound vintage school books and library books that were destined for dumpsters, but given new life in our production studio. Each journal is made to last with approximately 75 pages of 24# paper and a sturdy wire binding.”

By the end of the day yesterday, 4 had sold. Like Michelle says, great gifts. I’ll put a couple on our website:

You can find us at The Beat Art Gallery, 109 W. Perkins, Ukiah, CA  95482

(707) 462-4180  and Etsy www.etsy,com/shop/TheBeatGalley (sorry, no journals on that site.)  And on the website above.

      March winds are blowing through town today and I figured out one needs to really spred the legs out on the sandwich board if it’s not to blow down and take a small pedestrian with it. The gallery is snug and warm and the back studio is calling with a new assemblage started.

The Beat is gearing up for an early summer show of West Coast assemblage artists. Michael is busy getting artists in place, advertising, and a bevy of North Bay gallerists on the guest list. Hopefully we will be able to give a sneak-peek of the artists involved here on this blog over the next few weeks. Looks like an empressive line-up from north and south. Although we don’t represent all of the artists involved, I do encourage gallerists to stay tuned, for the opportunity to see some new work that might fit into their spaces. Assemblage seems to be a strong force in the art world right now, finding press in art magazines and on the t.v. screen. (Check out PBS’s Art-21 series)

Above is a work by Michael, “Bird Nest.” It is offered at the gallery for $225. measuring 14″ x 18″. Old School, and  a nod to “altered art” with the use of a book.

You can find us at: The Beat Art Gallery, 109 W Perkins, Ukiah, CA  95482     (707) 462-4180  and etsy:

      Here’s one of the favorite small paintings in our gallery. People are quite drawn to it. A surreal oil by Paulo Ferrier. It measures a little 16″ by 8″, and packs a big punch. ‘Tornado Alley’ is offered at $475.

This seems a fitting painting today with the forceful spring weather this week. I’ll take my tornados on canvas, thank you.

Paulo also does sculpture.  You can find him at: We have a marble abstract sculpture of his in our window. And he works in clay also. A well rounded artist, Paulo.

You can find us at The Beat Art Gallery, 109 W Perkins, Ukiah, CA   95482     (707) 462 4180

Michael Wilson and Susan Spencer owners, on the web:   and