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      We’ve been busy rehanging work here at the gallery. Several new pieces are in and we are finishing the mixed media show. It’s all in a wonderful mix of old and new. There are new ceramic pieces by Jill Brugler and newbie Paul Kaplan. Michael has added several new oils he worked on over […]

      Here’s one of the favorite small paintings in our gallery. People are quite drawn to it. A surreal oil by Paulo Ferrier. It measures a little 16″ by 8″, and packs a big punch. ‘Tornado Alley’ is offered at $475. This seems a fitting painting today with the forceful spring weather this week. I’ll take my tornados on […]

      Here’s an interesting painting that came in to the gallery last week. It’s unique in that is painted with gouache. I hardly ever see finished work in that medium these days. It’s painted by an A V Stewart. Haven’t found out anything about the artist, yet. It’s well painted and the pools of light […]

     I enjoy showing off the interesting artworks that come into The Beat. I also enjoy trying to hunt down information on lesser-known artists. This piece gives me the chance to do both. It really fits the feel of our gallery, seeming rather retro-but actually was painted in 2009. The current owner is downsizing his […]

      Has anyone else noticed this, or am I just subscribing to the wrong magazines? Over the weekend I was having fun on a little project (check out our personal blog ) and I needed some magazine images for collaging. I was searching for images I thought would have meaning of “joy” and “happiness.” […]

     New work by Susan this week, at left, “A Slightly Sinister Alphabet” employing paper dolls from Edward Gorey drawings. Funny how this piece sat around half-done for weeks until the Gorey drawings popped up, and how fun it was to finish!  We’ll show it off this friday at the gallery for Art Walk in […]

What a charming work came into the gallery last week! I was drawn to the brush strokes, the rich colors, and the warm, golden light hitting the table on the left. But this painting is unsigned. I’m nosey. I wonder who did this painting? Was this a study done at the artist’s window? I imagine […]