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      March winds are blowing through town today and I figured out one needs to really spred the legs out on the sandwich board if it’s not to blow down and take a small pedestrian with it. The gallery is snug and warm and the back studio is calling with a new assemblage started. The […]

      Here’s one of the favorite small paintings in our gallery. People are quite drawn to it. A surreal oil by Paulo Ferrier. It measures a little 16″ by 8″, and packs a big punch. ‘Tornado Alley’ is offered at $475. This seems a fitting painting today with the forceful spring weather this week. I’ll take my tornados on […]

   Left: ‘Roy Roger’s Hands ‘   Roger Franklin Photography So, we’ve finally pinned him down. Photographer Roger Franklin will be showing his latest works at The Beat in March! Rog’s veratile style continues to bring artistic depth and fluidity to his medium, and he’s just plain fun to have around. There will be an artist’s reception on Friday, […]

     I enjoy showing off the interesting artworks that come into The Beat. I also enjoy trying to hunt down information on lesser-known artists. This piece gives me the chance to do both. It really fits the feel of our gallery, seeming rather retro-but actually was painted in 2009. The current owner is downsizing his […]