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     So, all things assemblage at The Beat these days. We are trucking on down the path for the show in May. This should be really fun and inspiring. At the left is a piece from one of the participating artists, Chris Bales, titled: ‘Edifice.’ Chris has a great website of his works, If […]

      The most fun thing to come in to the gallery in weeks got here yesterday. Michelle’s Attic Journals. Michelle tells a great story worthy of life out here on the West Coast edge: “Attic Journals began on a sleepy Saturday morning in 2004 when we happened upon a beautiful tattered book at a San […]

     What a fun piece came in last week! Our home is about horses, so we are partial, especially to paintings with a historical look. Although we think this painting was done in the 1970’s, it surely has that feeling of the horse being center stage (of course) with the humans and action taking a […]

     New work by Susan this week, at left, “A Slightly Sinister Alphabet” employing paper dolls from Edward Gorey drawings. Funny how this piece sat around half-done for weeks until the Gorey drawings popped up, and how fun it was to finish!  We’ll show it off this friday at the gallery for Art Walk in […]

Large Carved Wooden Bust $110.      Sliding into home plate….At the end of the year, we now have a new website to go with our gallery. I thought it would take longer, and like most artists I know, didn’t want to work on it. But, it surely came together easily. It’s under our old site’s […]

Victoria Roberts “In Memory: A Tribute to the Handwritten Letter”         Wrapping up the year, I see Jamie Ridler Studios has a Hands-Up How -To project giving us the chance to reflect and share helpful hints for her readers. I love that Jamie is such an advocate for all creatives, and that’s all of us! […]

“Forgotten” Susan Spencer      Well, finally! Last Saturday we put together the studio for working in while here at the gallery. Yipee! All it really took was a pair of used shelving units (25% off even) and 2 days of cleaning and sorting, putting stuff away, and turning on the lights. Now we can work in […]